What I Learned In Business School: Marketing & Trust

Seth Godin made a post recently about “The Trust Brand”. The most important point from the article was:

“‘How have you regularly overinvested and prioritized being the most trustworthy organization/individual in your industry?’ Being just like the others and doing your job doesn’t get you to this level.”

I’m sure you’re already getting the connection here but it cannot be stressed enough how important trust is in any relationship. Combine this with Matthew Hussey‘s video about “Overcoming Jealousy” and the idea that if you only bring one thing to the table, it can be easily replicated or beat, i.e. beautiful in relationships or cheapest in consumer goods.

If you can bring something deeper, that’s how you really hook someone in and make yourself irreplaceable. Your partner or your customer has to trust that you’ll keep your promises, that you’ll be there when they need you (family emergency or calling AAA), that a product will work like it’s supposed to (anything medical or just staying consistent (not boring) in a relationship) and probably most importantly, that if you screw up you’ll apologize and fix it (every product recall).

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