Sunday, September 22 at Golden West – Jurassic Park
Sunday, September 29 at Ottobar – TBA (Free movies & pizza)

Now that it’s cold outside, this is pretty much the equivalent of the free movie in the park! (Which I must add finally did this summer.) I’ve never been to either of these free movie nights but Johnny Rad’s used to have them and they were a blast! The highlight being watching The Sandlot in a room of a bunch of twenty & thirty somethings who all halted conversation during the lifeguard scene of The Sandlot and then cheered after the kiss!

Bring A Date?
The movie makes it seems like you actually planned a bit for the date even if it’s just a standard bar date. Golden West has a late night happy hour and since Ottobar doesn’t have food they’re nice enough to provide free pizza! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. If you had gone to a standard movie, you couldn’t really duck out early if it sucks.

Find A Date
Come on, it’s still a bar. You don’t need my guidance here. Either way, it’s an excellent excuse to walk up to someone and say, “Hold on to your butts!” 

“Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.”


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