Okay, I know nothing about sports. Apparently, The Colts aren’t playing The Superbowl. Where I got The Colts from, I really don’t know. What I do know is that both teams reside in states where marijuana is legal (I only know that because of The Daily Show), but I digress…

Bring A Date Superbowl Bar Hopping?
It’s the Superbowl, you know which bars are sports-y bars, and which are not. Pick your level of involvement carefully. If you’re bringing a date and it’s early into the relationship don’t go to Pratt Street Ale House or Pickles unless you’re BOTH really into the game! If there’s an imbalance, one person is bound to get frustrated at the 4 hours (that’s how long it is, right?) of nods and grunts they receive. If you’re the potentially frustrated one, don’t sit there passive aggressively sighing! It’s a Sunday night so you can totally duck out early and use the “work tomorrow” excuse.

Find A Date Superbowl Bar Hopping?
It’s a fact that people that like men have the home field advantage here (see my sports terms?!). Head to a bar that is likely to have the game on but possibly on mute, because if you’re picking up a date there’s conversation to be had. Depending on your knowledge level, there’s a few tactics: Ask someone that looks disinterested the rules of the game, Teach someone that is inquisitive how the game works, Ask someone who they’re routing for then tell them they’re wrong or right (be prepared to backup your answer).

Bring A Date to a Superbowl Party?
If you’re invited to a Superbowl party as a date, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to meet friends & possibly family. If this is a family or friend tradition and you’re bringing the date, give people the heads up of the relationship status so it doesn’t get awkward.

If you’re the invitee, it’s a smart idea to assess how serious this party will be, for instance, does everyone have money riding on the game’s outcome? Also, don’t forget to bring food or alcohol!

Find A Date at a Superbowl Party?
Just find someone that shares your interest level and discuss. Check with the host or the person that invited you to find out romantic ties. And again, don’t forget to bring someone to eat/drink along with you! It may be a conversation starter!

Chicken wings. Lots & lots of chicken wings. (Or maybe something cute & date appropriate… or ya know, CHICKEN WINGS!)


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