So you’ve decided you don’t want to be in a room of thousands of people for NYE. Good for you! Now that we’ve gotten passed the obvious, here is what the main venues have going on for NYE.

Bring A Date?
These would make for a low pressure early date (3-5 dates in) if you want to do something more than just sit at a bar but don’t want to commit to an event that comes with Couple’s Tickets. That’s a lot of pressure. Plus you can duck out before 12 if you’re not feeling it and not feel like you wasted a bunch of money.

If you’ve been seeing each other regularly, you should just spring for dinner if you wanna get fancy or the neighborhood bar if you don’t.

I don’t care that it is a show, I do not recommend a first or second date being on New Year’s Eve.

Find A Date?
You may want to search elsewhere if that’s your goal. Ottobar & The Depot (and any of your normal haunts) will be filled with people you’ve already hooked up with and all the people they hooked up with. It’ll be messy. Don’t do that to yourself. The other venues will be packed with guys and the girls they dragged along with them.

Honestly, this would be a good night to stay in with friends or throw your own party. If you insist on going out wait for my next NYE posts and pick a bar outside of your normal comfort zone.

Note: If you can’t find a house party and you’re under 21 these are pretty much your only chance to party for NYE.

Spend New Year’s Eve doing things you’d do any other day (or just stay home).


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