Okay, let’s get the elephant in the room out first. Though the Aquarium is awesome, it is NOT cheap. Regular adult tickets will run you $35 a piece BUT there’s the magic of “Prices Take A Dive Fridays After 5”.

This program started years ago & it’s one of my favorite date nights. First, it’s a Friday night, secondly it’s only $12 a person (+ extra $5 for the optional 4D movie), thirdly DOLPHINS! You should be able to call ahead and find out what time the shows are. (Or you can just bug them on Twitter, like I do. They’re very responsive!)

You must enter between 5 to 8 for the discount (you can buy online in advance) and you can hang out til 9:30. Some exhibits close earlier than others (like the jellyfish!) so plan accordingly.

Bring A Date?
Get there early enough to grab food in the kitchen—pizza, sandwiches, salads, etc. It’s convenient & you can carry your coffee or tea throughout the Aquarium. Check out the exhibits & grab a seat early for the dolphin show! Lots of low pressure time to chat about how puffins aren’t penguins or about where you grew up.

If the date goes well & you walk the correct path you’ll end up in the shark exhibit. There’s nothing more romantic than sharing a kiss in front of a Sand Tiger Shark. It’s an early night so if all goes well, you have the whole night ahead of you.

Find A Date?
This is a bit more difficult. There are far less families at the Aquarium Friday nights than, say, Saturday afternoons, so you have an advantage there but it’s also a very date-centric environment.

If you want to find a date, I’d say go with a group of friends and see if you can find another uncoupled group of friends to wander around with. The upstairs of the rainforest exhibit is a good place to scout out a potential date.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea… (Ha, sorry.)

(Dolphin Photo Source)


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