Whiskey Wednesday’s at Johnny’s Restaurant

Website sums it up wonderfully so no need for me to:
Whiskey Wednesday features a themed flight of four, half-ounce, pours on a tasting mat with descriptions of each. The tasting will be set in a relaxed, self paced, atmosphere including two snacks as an accompaniment.

This month’s theme is corn whiskey. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Maryland SPCA

Bring A Date?
So keep in mind, this is up in Roland Park so likely super inconvenient to you unless you live in Charles Village and it’s still a bit of a hike. That being side, if you’re a couple dates in it’s easy to make a night of it. Start with dinner since the whiskey tasting isn’t til 8. Johnny’s has a fancy vibe with reasonable prices $15-$20 dinner plates. The whiskey sampling is $25 a person so be prepared to shell out about $100 at a minimum that night. Also, it goes without saying, make sure you bring someone that is into whiskey, preferably super into it. It’d be smart to plan for a ride there and back for both of you together or separately.

Find A Date?
If you know your whiskey, you have a built in conversation starter. Ask someone you find attractive which they liked the most and if you’re an aficionado, mention your collection of scotches, wines, etc. It’s a setting where it’s appropriate to show off (only a little) and can lead to a “oh, I’d love to try that sometime!” That is when you mention a bar or restaurant that carries it and suggest meeting for dinner/drinks a different day or invite them back to your place if you’re feeling bold after all that whiskey.

This event takes place monthly so if you can’t make this one check out their website for others.

“Rye Whiskey makes the band sound better, makes your baby cuter, makes itself taste sweeter. Oh, boy!”