What if your Tumblr feed came to life? That’s what a 788 opening party is like. Half your Tumblr feed is probably high-end smut anyway, right?

And there’s a bunch of fashionable people walking around in smart outfits, many of whom you sort of kind of know from somewhere. There’s band members talking about upcoming records and shows. There’s clever quips and jokes being tossed around. And Natty Boh and a roof deck and people talking about the somewhat interesting things they read online.

A Gallery 788 opening is like stepping into your own Tumblr. And that’s not a bad thing.

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Had my own post scheduled for today but The Baltimore Chop did it better, so here ya go. I’ve posted about burlesque shows before (and have two more to talk about next week) so check out my Burlesque tag.

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