December 12th – 7PM at Merritt Athletic Club – $60

Okay, so first off, fundraisers can be hit or miss, but this one is brilliant!

Playworks Maryland is based in Remington the block North of Ottobar. They’re having their fundraiser at The Merritt Club (the one you see from 83) to benefit thousands of kids in the Baltimore City school system.

So why is it brilliant? Well, you get to play! Cheesy 80s & 90s music, open bar, food and most importantly… a recess room & boardgame room. And you get to get dressed up in “playful cocktail attire”.

Bring A Date?
This is a fancy Thursday night out without it being stuffy. Grab your girl or guy and put on something cute. Make sure they’re down to play, as well as drink. It’s no fun if you just treat it like an expensive happy hour. If you’re just gonna do that, save everyone the trouble and just donate money instead. Honestly, be thankful for any event in December that doesn’t involve tinsel!

Find A Date?
If you want to find yourself someone that gives a shit, here’s the place for you. The price tag means they’ve got a few bucks laying around and you can tell a lot by where they choose to linger. If they hover by the bar they’re probably only there because work sponsored the event and requested employees to attend. If they’re on the dance floor, join them! If they’re in the board game room, kick their ass at Connect Four. If they’re in the playground room, give them a high five and your number!

Recess would’ve been a lot more fun with alcohol.


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