Otakon & Bronycon 2013 Conventions

What’s It About?
Well BronyCon is for My Little Pony enthusiasts and Otakon is for Anime enthusiasts—it runs deeper than that but those are the basics. Because the events run back to back weeks, downtown Baltimore will be flooded with colorful, creative and over the top cosplay (costume play) for about 10 days.

I’ve never attended either convention so I cannot attest to what takes place behind closed doors beyond word of mouth and forums. What I’ve gathered is that it’s a great place to gain lifelong friends. If you’re looking for a relationship it’s easy to break the ice over the obvious shared interest, though it’s fairly common for people to festishize their favorite character in real life. If you’re looking for a much more short term relationship most people are staying at hotels close by for you to continue the party, which is also why I wouldn’t suggest bringing a casual date as  there will be quite a lot of eye candy to steal away your date’s attention.

What I enjoy every year is the people watching! Just take a walk/Light Rail/Circulator (do not drive) downtown and stand around Pratt Street Alehouse. Not only are the costumes impressive but the poor uninformed tourists headed to baseball games have the best reactions to the chaos. Make it a cheap date by grabbing food you can walk with (I’m sure the food trucks will be in full force) and just take in the sights.

Note: There are home O’s games from 2nd-4th so if you intend to have a sit down meal head North to Mount Vernon rather than South to Federal Hill if you want to avoid long wait times.

The best people watching date all summer or the best week of your Anime/pony loving life.


On a final note, please share any wild stories about hooking up at the raves or finding the love of your life in a Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask costume!

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