Find A Date?
What’s that you say—you like your dates nerdy? Oh, really, how nerdy? Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons nerdy? Well, you’re in luck! Sidebar hosts a gamer night every month where you can meet people that share your enthusiasm for Lord of the Rings and Coheed & Cambria. Bring an indie game and teach it to someone you think is cute!

Bring A Date?
Nerdy couples are the best! From what I’ve seen, they make the most loyal companions and have the best sex! That being said, gaming starts at 8 so grab dinner before you head to Sidebar and bond over 8 sided dice! This would make a good double or triple date to bring your fellow gamers.

A 2009 British survey found IT workers to be “the most selfless and adventurous lovers, as well as the most open to using ‘love gadgets’.


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