Why is the third date so important?

Well, of course there is the “Third Date Rule” which is hotly debated but I am not here to lecture you or anyone else on when having sex with someone is appropriate or not.

What I’m discussing is, what agreeing to a third date entails. Think about it this way? How many first dates have you been on? How many of those have turned to second dates? I’d guess somewhere between 33% to 50%. If you’re online dating, may want to divide that by half. Now of those second dates, how many result in third dates? Very few I imagine.

Going on a third date means you probably like this person and chances are they like you back. You may now be referring to them as “new person I’m seeing.” You might kiss each other when you meet or hold hands when you’re walking. Third dates usually involve insight into their world, such as a hobby they enjoy, checking out their apartment, or getting a taste of their homemade food. Third dates can really start intimacy.

A third date is a commitment. Not a monogamous committed relationship type of commitment but more of a “shit or get off the pot” situation. Getting through the third dates gets you over the proverbial (or literal) hump. By the end of the third date you probably know if you want it to go somewhere (wherever that somewhere may be for you).

Of course, it may NOT be going in the right direction, in that case, the end of a third date is also an appropriate time to tell someone, you’re just not that into them rather than doing the fadeaway.

Do you have third date rules, traditions, or stories to share?


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