Bring A Date?

Pick a neighborhood, unless you know something I don’t, I suggest either Fell’s Point or Hampden as they have the highest number of stores to check out. Your best bet is Saturday early afternoon as some stores have a tendency to be closed whenever they want. Start from one end of the neighborhood and just wander. You never know what thrift store will have an excellent collection of vinyl or what gems you’ll find. 

Similar to the Food Truck date, this is a good opportunity to judge your date’s selection! If they pass your pretentious test, then you have endless food & drink opportunities in either neighborhood. Keeping up the music theme, head to Johnny Rad’s if you go to Fell’s (a bit of a walk down Eastern) or in Hampden, Golden West Cafe would be an excellent end to the date.

Find A Date?

I’ve never picked up a date at a record store oddly enough, but since you already know you have a similar interest, you should have no problem striking up a conversation if you’re in the same section. If you hit up Soundgarden, it tends to be a savvy tourist attraction so you may end up hitting on an out of towner.

Added bonus of purchasing vinyl is that you can head to the bars mentioned above with your vinyl in toe and someone is likely to ask you what you snagged! It’s like having a puppy for audiophiles & hipsters!

A certain type of person purchases vinyl. Those persons tend to date each other.

Note: My personal favorite is True Vine in Hampden because of their awesome $1 records! Makes the impractical collecting a bit more reasonable. Check out the City Paper Best of Baltimore 2012 list for more.