Question Asked: As the resident dating expert in Baltimore, I wanted to ask you… What are your feelings on A-List?

I have it & I love it. One thing about Smalltimore is you see a lot of people you know on OkCupid. In order to combat that, I love being able to browse anonymously and “reveal” myself to people if I feel compelled to.

The other thing I really appreciate is being able to see when a message is read & who has rated me highly. Both those things are kind of time savers, in general. You know when to throw your hat into the ring & when to bow out.

The extra search features don’t really do much for me but sorting by attractiveness can be fun if you’re in that mood. I currently have 1703 message (I don’t bother to delete them) so it’s nice to have the 5000 msg capacity instead of 500.

I pay the $29.70 price for every 6 months instead of paying $10 a month (because I don’t delude myself into thinking I won’t need it in 6 months). If you ever choose to disable OkCupid it picks up where you left off, too which is also good.

If you’re serious about online dating, I’d say it’s a great investment and much cheaper than all the other paid websites. I will say, I use OkCupid A LOT (I actually use it so much that I’m a moderator) so if you’re kind of half hearted about it, just go out and buy a few beers instead.


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