So I’ve gotten really into Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. The official test has to be proctored in person but there are two tests I found that are very similar: Similar Minds or if you’re a fellow OkCupid-er, they have a test within the site.

The real point is, I’ve discovered that my type (ESTJ) is rare among females & it may have a lot to do with why I have some trouble in the whole dating department.

From Keirsey’s PersonalityZone, here’s the description of how I date, which is 100% dead on:

Rachel would like to handle her love life in the same manner – identify the problem, devise a plan, carry it out, and voila! everything is solved. When she approaches her love life with the same kind of direct approach, men tend to take off running for the hills even though Rachel is generally considered to be beautiful and personable. Her single-minded intensity is scary.

Find more dating descriptions based on MBTI here.

Would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts or experiences with MBTI & their dating style! Please comment or message your thoughts?


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