Last week, I posted about flaky people/dates and ask how everyone handles them. The above responses are my favorite answers. The combination of these two answers and my amazing best friend led me to this conclusion that could making dating more enjoyable.


I recognize the urge to go “grab a drink/cup of coffee” to make sure the person doesn’t suck but after that or even better, instead of that, go somewhere fun!

I always discuss that I hate dinner dates which is why I post events constantly (duh), but I was still going on them for first dates while reserving second & third dates for fun stuff. I have way more first dates than second & third so why make 75% of my dates boring because of that? Even if the person is interesting, I still went to Owl Bar for the millionth time.

Pick dates in which you know you’ll enjoy yourself regardless of how the person is, as jamesnasty says, and be comfortable if you end up alone, as annmariebrok said. After a string of dates instead of saying, oh I ate at a bunch of places and drank lots of coffee, you can say, I went bowling, to the zoo, to an amusement park, to the symphony, etc. (all dates I’ve been on actually). Or at the very least, if you must go to a bar, make it on trivia or karaoke night. Mix it up! Dinner dates fucking suck.

Check out my lists of “Shit To Do In Baltimore, When There’s Nothing Else To Do In Baltimore” because obviously sometimes there’s not a cool event going on but there’s always something to do!


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