Is pof filled with any normal people? I have okc met good people dated a few but now am stuck. And my match account is stupid it seems like no one on there is actually paying fir it. But I heard that pof is even crazier. Is that true?

I’ve never been on a date with a normal person from POF. I think in total I’ve only been on 3 dates with anyone from POF though. From my experience everyone on there is crazy/conservative Republican/high school educated/gym rat and the ones that aren’t I’ve already talked to on OkCupid.

I’ve never heard a success story from POF in Baltimore (or anywhere else) but a friend of mine has been dating her boyfriend from Match for over a year but she’s definitely not a creative type so that makes total sense for her.

I’ve met probably 80 people from OkCupid over the past 18 months and only had like 2 or 3 truly bad dates from there.


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