I don’t talk about music too much on this blog because The Baltimore Chop does it better than I do and deep down I’m still 14 anyway. But I felt the need to express how perfect these two shows would be for an early His & Hers (or His & His or Hers & Hers or You & You…) Christmas present!

If you were smart, you snagged both tickets on Black Friday (HWM was only $12, JEW was $25) but if you didn’t, they’re $25 & $35 respectively. 

Bring A Date?
Surprise the one you love with tickets and tag along. Or passively mention it to the one you moderately like/stalk on Facebook/sleep with sometimes and hope they pick up your vague hint. Then head back to Rams Head the next day (ya know, if you’re at a level where that’s acceptable).

If you’re in the early stages, this is the time to figure out the type of show goer they are. If you’re a dancer and they’re a stand and politely noder, you gotta figure out if you’re okay with that. This is serious long-term relationship criteria here, people!

Find A Date?
Ladies, if you like your dudes/dudettes emotional Jimmy Eat World is where it’s at. If you like your dudes emotional, angry & bearded  (and loooord, do I love my men like that…) then Hot Water Music is the place to be. If you like both… Well, I hope you’ve got $60 and two free nights.

Gentlemen, if you like your girls awesome, well… you get the picture. I’m the type of girl that loves both. You’ll find me singing & dancing along a little too enthusiastically by the downstairs bar. Come say hi or dance along with me or ya know, find someone else.

“I’ll be spinning free… Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh”

P.S. – Baltimore band, Diamond Youth is opening the Jimmy Eat World show so get there early to check them out.


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