So yesterday I posted the Baltimore unscientific stats on OkCupid. This prompted me to examine my own numbers. The characteristics I used for my overall search stats is far more liberal than my own match search so the above are where I stand. Note: “Looking for” is short & long term dating.

My Stats

Currently 452 men on OkCupid meet the above criteria (adjusting for the hundreds I’ve hidden, because I pretty much hide every person I’ve ever met IRL & anyone I’m stumble across that I’m not interested in).

9 new gentlemen have joined the site this week that fit the above criteria.


Of those 452 men, I have already been in contact with 50 of them. That comes out to 11% already contacted.

Over my OkCupid lifetime (April 2012 to present), my message stats:

  • Sent: 630 messages
  • Received: 900 messages

(Ratio of 70%—Including those “You Choose Each Other” Messages)

Response Rate (Approximately) 

  • For every 3 messages I send, I get 1 response
  • For every 10 messages I receive, I respond to 1. 


I’d say I’ve probably been on somewhere between 100 to 125 dates since April 2012, and approximately 75 first dates, not including when dating someone exclusively.

Not all of those dates have been from OkCupid but probably 80% have been, 10% from other dating sites (Match, Tastebuds, POF) and 10% in real life (parties, bars, etc.) though I go on (what I thought were) dates with guys already in relationships at an increasingly frustrating rate.

In Conclusion

I’m going to date all of Baltimore. There’s a good chance I’ve been on a date with at least one of my followers 😉

Oddly enough, I also mentor a student at my undergrad school, go to the gym regularly (and begrudgingly), volunteer at a nearby museum, attend grad classes three nights a week, work full time and still have time to date like this…

Your Turn

Don’t worry, it’s for science? Or… ask a question?


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