This week in, no one has anything going on but Holiday crap: Here’s some crap to do to find people to see naked or with people you are currently seeing naked.


Glamour Swap at Golden West (12/4) – Trade nice clothes, take cute glamour shots together and drink hot alcohol in Hampden. For those that find thifting an acceptable date (aka those that call it “thrifting”)

Fierce Chicks Rock Presents A Holiday Art Show (12/8) – Free admission and refreshments. Go buy art by local artists for the holidays. Portion of proceeds go to Moveable Feast. 


World Holiday Traditions at The Aquarium (12/6) – Tickets are already only $8 on Friday nights and this night you have the opportunity to take that awkward adult pics with Santa! What could be more fun? Or just go some other Friday night where there won’t be people singing Christmas Carols and more kids than necessary.

Dollar or Less Days (12/7 & 12/8) – Lots of museums are only $1 for these days. The lines are long and it’s crowded so figure out if that’s not worth paying the extra few bucks for an off day.


Hot Chocolate Happy Hours (12/3 & 12/10 & 12/17) – Harbor East is giving out free hot chocolate Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:30. Meet up with someone after work and then catch a move at The Landmark or get the hell out of Harbor East and head over to Fell’s or grab dinner in in Little Italy.

Reindeer Pub Crawl (12/7) – Pub crawl sponsored by Fell’s Point Main Street. I’ve posted about pub crawls, so heed my warnings on bringing dates. If you can’t make this crawl, there if pretty much one exactly the same sponsored by Lindy Promotions the following week.


I’m not a fan of the holidays…


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