As a single gal in THE GREATEST CITY IN AMERICA, I spend my nights re-watching all 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother out on the town, I normally don’t do recaps like this, but I thought I’d give it a shot since I had such an eventful week and I always talk about events but never share my experiences…

So I scored a few invites to the coveted City Paper Party! I brought a friend and we spend most of our time on the dance floor. I struggled all night with my desire to get on stage vs. the inadequacy of the DJs to play any song that warranted getting on stage (many others did not have such a struggle). On the bright side, if I were to say I have a “type”, that “type” frequents City Paper events, so I was in my element and exchanged numbers with a handsome young lad that I approached.

First off, if you’ve never seen J. Roddy live, you should get on that. Secondly, No BS! Brass Band opened and reminded me of the severe lack of brass instruments in my life. (Why did ska stop being a thing?). 

I brought a date to the show and had a great time dancing around with him. We went to dinner beforehand at a great Vietnamese restaurant, Mekong Delta Cafe (the type of place that doesn’t take credit and has crayon drawings of the owner’s kids taped to the wall) and then walked to few blocks down to Rams Head. The thing about shows that don’t start til 9PM is that by the final songs, everyone is PLASTERED.

Flew solo to this and caught City & Colour, MGMT and The Avett Brothers. The Avett Brothers put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I have been to A LOT of shows in my life. Made friends with the people surrounding me because we all clung to our pavilion seats for dear life considering the disaster that was the weather.

So those were the highlights of my week. I hope you didn’t find that terribly boring. Though if you did, please let me knowAlternatively,  definitely let me know if you enjoyed this, if you’d like more posts like this one, or ones that involve dating stories, advice, etc. Opened to any & all suggestions

At the very least, let me know if you were at any of these events & your thoughts on them!


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