“Thanks, but No Thanks: Stories about the delights and disasters of gifts.”

I’ve posted about Second Stoop Stories over at Windup Space before. Basically 7 people get 7 minutes to talk about a chosen theme. This one is fitting for the holiday season.

Instead of people tossing in their names at the last minute like with Second Stoop, these are an actual show and production with story tellers already lined up. It sells out often so you may want to grab tickets beforehand

Bring A Date?
Formal enough affair that you can dress it up a bit, especially since it’s at Center Stage but at $20 a ticket, it’s still a cheap night out. Get their early and grab a good seat since it’s General Admission.

Find A Date?
It’s a seated event but there are cocktails and live music before the story telling starts so get there early enough to make some witty banter and tell your bad holiday stories. If you’re charming enough you may find someone to sit with for the show.

It’s basically like listening to This American Life, IRL.

P.S. – The three show package would make a pretty cool gift for only $51. (Buy experiences, not things.)


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