I love parties at places where parties shouldn’t be! It feels so fancy & taboo. Yeah, I’m also a little nerdy. The Walters is having a free party for the Spring! I’ve been to Walters parties before & they’re fun, drinks, music & you get to explore the museum. The party is free but if you register you get a free drink ticket!

Bring A Date?
This is a way to get all dressed up without having to spend a bunch of money. Grab dinner before you head over. If you’ve never been to Sacha’s or Creme, I’d recommend either to keep up appearances, they’re a block over, or George’s in the Peabody Court Hotel has a great happy hour including food that goes til 8, also nearby.

Once you get to the Walters, dancing & drinks will be had. It gets a loud in there so you’ll have to find your own little nook & cranny if you need to talk but otherwise if you want to be social, you’ve got countless options.

Find A Date?
Your best bet is hanging by the bar & grabbing someone a drink. Once you get to chatting, you can wander through the museum with your newly found love interest. My favorite exhibit is the Gothic art if you’d like a tip. It’s a little dark, a little intimate & really cool.

Welcome Spring at the Walters.


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