Save Your Soul

Save Your Soul

What Is It?
I’ve mentioned it a few times but never talked about Save Your Soul, in and of itself. What is it is, is a first Friday dance party with soul, r&b and MoTown, hence the name. Lith Hall is basically like a VFW but… for Lithuanian people. It’s over in West Baltimore but close enough to U of MD that you probably won’t get mugged. Parking is awful & I wouldn’t recommend walking especially if you’ve gotta cross MLK to do so, so bike or take a cab.

You have to get a membership for $5 then you can bring up to 3 guests for $5 each. Oh & if you see John Waters there, don’t be a dick and interrupt his night… seriously.

Bring A Date?
Okay, it gets hot & sweaty in there. Drinks are strong & cheap. Tell your date to be prepared for this. If you asked them on the date, pay the membership & cover.

You’ve gotta bring someone that is down to dance, but there is a pool table in the back for the dudes (and occasional girl) that won’t. It’s super lame to agree to go to a dance party and not dance, though. Don’t do that. Getting a drink is difficult so make sure to grab one for your date whenever you go up & don’t forget to plan a way to get home. Oh and there’s a place to hang your coats but don’t be too attached to it.

Find A Date?
People get dressed up in 50s attire for this (I love that trend). If you’re feeling saucy & the type to get dressed up PLEASE pick out someone else that is also dressed up and jitterbug all night! It’s pretty much the cutest. If you’re not the type, then just dress in something you’ll be comfortable sweating in and have a great time! I think I’ve met a guy there every time I didn’t already come with a guy. (I’m a sucker for boys in suspenders).

If you meet someone you like, head over to the room without the music, cool off together & have a good chat (and, of course, dance with them later). If you want to skip the talking, offer to share a cab/UBER (Not Lyft or UberX, that just seems awkward) ride back to the other side of MLK. When the lights go on & everyone spills into the streets, it’s pretty much a free for all anyway.

Just like American Bandstand with sleeve tats!

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Lithuanian Hall, 851 Hollins St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
[gmap address=”851 Hollins St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, USA”]
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Facebook Event
Price: $5 to get in for members & guests ($5 annual membership for newbies)
Ages: 21+
Phone: (410) 685-5787
From the site: SAVE YOUR SOUL is Baltimore’s wildest dance event of lost & found 45 sounds and an all-vinyl shindig of epic proportions. Every 1st Friday, a few hundred kids dance their asses off to everything from Motown/ Stax-era hits, funk breaks, garage stunners, heavy soul & maximum R&B, girl groups, swinging instrumentals and a whole lot of “what the fuck it this” gems from the world famous Lithuanian Hall.