Protest & March Against Syria

As usual, I’m not one to dictate anyone’s political preference in the same way I will never tell anyone whom to or how frequently to have sex or any other issue that is not my fucking business but if you feel strongly about Syria, this is an awesome event for you.

Bring A Date?
Unless you met in an equally intense way, probably best to take politics off the table for a first date, unless… you’re going out with someone that would totally be into it. Bring comfortable shoes and snacks for you and your date and make sure you’re all boned up on the facts if you can.

Find A Date? 
Now if you pick someone up at a protest that is so very awesome & very 1960s of you. Yes, that statement was incredibly insensitive but come on, you know it’s true. Just have a conversation with who ever is marching next to you and bring up some new information to the discussion. Or cajole others to join the cause as you walk.

Stand up & give a fuck about something.


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