Bring A Date?
It’s single player rather than teams so you can kick your dates ass at foosball. If they’re a shitty sport about losing (or winning) you can ditch them right there. Rumour has it, Liam’s has food now but I haven’t seen a menu to confirm. Just in case, head over to Joe Squared after (not before since the tournament starts at 6) for a moderately expensive, but totally worth it, pizza or risotto—whoever makes it furthest in the tournament pays of course.

Find a Date?
Join the tournament… and win! That’ll impress the ladies (or gentlemen). Or just ask someone to join you in a game of Jenga. Also an impressive feat of skill & you don’t even have to stand up! Liam’s always has a box or two floating around.

Impress your date with your sweet hand eye coordination or ingest a lot of cheap drinks and be a bit less impressive…


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