Dangerous Minds: A Brief History of Psychopaths and Serial Killers & Night of the Living Dead

Well isn’t this fun! The Creative Alliance is stepping up their Halloween game to bring your some lively entertainment. Wednesday, join the 3rd of a 4 part series on serial killers and psychopath’s with Sue Lowe of John Waters fame. Thursday, catch a screening of Night of the Living Dead and some other seasonal activities.

Bring A Date?
So these are for the gothy guy or gal you’ve been eyeing up but didn’t quite know where to take them. Discussing psychopaths over a glass of wine is just the perfect level of sophisticated and strange to really get the blood going. At $25 a person ($20 in advance), it won’t make for a cheap date but would definitely break up the menotany of the dinner date or even many other Halloween themed events. Only runs for two hours so dinner (and drinks) could start or end the night easily.

If all goes well, take them to see Night of the Living Dead on Thursday! Yes, it’s a movie which isn’t awesome as a first or second date, but what can really elevate the date are the activities. Turn your date into a mummy or or spruce up on your horror movie trivia and show your date up. Since NotLD runs for 100 mins plus the other festivities, dinner before would be your best best.

Find A Date?
At either night, you can talk shop with fellow horror lovers. See if you can find someone just as deranged as you at Dangerous Minds. If you’re really thinking of showing off, come with an awesome costume and win the contest at Night of the Living Dead. Find someone else that was also courageous enough or wait til someone approaches you to compliment your severed limb. This is the time to bring up your psychobilly record collection and offer to trade. From there, you’re in.

Paint the town red.