So, the Maryland Art Place has moved from Power Plant Live! to it’s original home in the Bromo Arts District. They’re having their annual silent auction. What’s cool about this auction is that artists were free to arrive, pay a small fee and hang up one piece of artwork anywhere in the art space.

Bring A Date?
It’s a little pricey but it is open bar, and it’ll be a classy open bar where people aren’t being all sloppy. You’ll feel like a real adult! You can even get dressed up. Do yourself a favor though and do your bidding before you have too much to drink so you don’t spend way more than you’d like.Before you get there, I’d suggest heading to Mekong Delta Cafe, an adorable little Vietnamese restaurant only a block down (it’s cash only).

Find A Date?
Standard cocktail party flirting is expected. If you’re too busy buying art, you’re in luck! There’s an after party at Current Space that is included with the price of your ticket. If you play your cards right, you should find someone to walk the two blocks with you to the after party. If you play your cards better, you’ll be walking elsewhere but who knows where the night can take you 😉

Silent art auction, open bar, fancy party, etc. etc. etc.


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