1/27 – DATING IRL at Midtown BBQ (A Quick Overview)

I never made a real post about how this event went so now that I’m spending the week reviewing dating events, figured I’d end the week with my event.

Cost: Free
Time: 6:30PM-9PM
Ages Welcome: 21+
Ages Attending: 21-35ish
Number of Attendees: ~40
So people showed up, got name tags & bingo cards. Straight, gay, single, taken, and anything in between were welcome & came. Even got compliments on the diversity of attendees.

Some people didn’t play at all, one girl got super into it but it was a great way to break the ice because you have to talk to someone to find out they moved to Baltimore a few weeks ago and then the follow up is, “Where’d you move from?” 

Chips and salsa were provided plus some free bohs and half of domestics for the first hour. Wii & pinball were played (no skeeball), we had a homeless person escorted out and I know that two people hooked up because of my event! Plus there were some number exchanges. Overall, it was a good time (at least, in my opinion).

Happy Hour with pink & blue name tags!

Looking to do another one soon & could use your feedback!


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