Step 5: Pick the Right Photos

This is simple, have at least five photos if you’re looking for something serious-ish:

  1. Shot from mid-waist up
  2. Full body shot at least til the knees
  3. Doing something you’re passionate about
  4. Doing something with friends
  5. A conversation starter (traveling, with a white tiger, eating the world’s largest pancake, etc.)

Mix it up and add up to 10 photos in total, so you don’t look too eager but show your personality. A professionally taken headshot can be a good touch but tends to do better for older demographics.


  • Main photo with more than only you
  • Shirtless photos (if you’re over 26)
  • Bikini photos
  • Photos with children
  • Close up on tattoos
  • Photos over 5 years old
  • Photos where your look has significantly changed since it was taken
  • Any photo in which you are not in

All these can be thrown out the window if you feel it really sums up your personality but they’re good rules of thumbs. One thing that is pretty non-negotiable is having your main photo feature only you. If people are swiping, staring, liking, or whatever method of of judging you based on solely your photos, they can’t do it if they do not know which one you are.

More On Photos:

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