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Step 2: “Put Yourself Out There”

Put Yourself Out There

“So… when are you gonna start ‘putting yourself out there’?” While, the judging yet, patronizing tone does suck and the idiom invokes images of getting hit by a bus, it could possibly, maybe not be a terrible idea. If you haven’t started becoming more interesting and made some friends, check out those sections first. If you have then take that leap of faith with me…

hit by bus

Meet Old People

No, not the elderly (unless that’s what you’re into). Start with people you already know. Remember all those friends you’ve gotten reacquanted with. Perhaps one of those tickles your fancy. If not, go find the one that got away, the one that you hooked up with that one time or the one your best friend was dating that you really wanted to see naked! The world is your oyster and by the world, I mean Facebook.

There’s also the closer to home option, with work and school often sited as the place in which most people meet the loves of their life (or whatever).



Meet New People

Okay, all the people you know suck. Got it. Next step, meet new people! How do you do that? Well, you can follow the steps to make friends and mix in a little flirting. Hopefully you’ve already made the friends, you like and they’ll accompany you to meet some new people!

Obviously, there’s “the bar scene” but when you’re single, one of the great benefits of friendship is that they can introduce you to other people! This is important: Tell your friends (the one’s you trust), that you are looking to date. They know someone who knows someone’s brother’s friend that would be just perfect for you! But really, if you’re willing to be set up and have honest friends, you at least know a bit of what you’re in for.

Even if you’re not willing to be set up on a complete blind date, putting it out there that you’re looking will put you in a whole different mindset for your friends. Not in a bad judge-y way but more of an inclusionary way! Your friends will likely invite you out more often to more things because they want to be your wing (wo)man! They’ll all keep an eye out for events and things that would be suitable for you to find the love of your (right now) life!

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