Galley Foods Came to Baltimore

So a couple of months back, I tried out Galley. Galley is a food delivery service (that started in DC) similar to Blue Apron, Plated, etc. except instead of being mailed like these services, it’s delivered–like fancy take out food you have to reheat.

So I received a coupon to review for free two meals. Each day the menu differs, that day the beef dish had sold out for dinner but the boyfriend got the Forbidden Rice with Salmon and I got the Honey Turmeric Pork Chops. After I ordered, I received an email with contained heating instructions, and an ingredients list.

A few months ago when Galley came to town they didn’t deliver to my neighborhood (limited to: Canton, Fells Point, Harbor East, Downtown and Mount Vernon), so I met the delivery guy down at the local Starbucks, which was kinda awkward (though the delivery person ended up being an old friend!) The food came incredibly fast, I barely had time to walk the 4 blocks to the Starbucks before it arrived.

Galley now delivers all the way up to Charles Village, as far west as Hollins Market, south into Locust Point and Canton, and over to Highlandtown.

After I got my food, I walked back home and popped the food into the oven, per the instructions for 10 minutes. Alright, I’ve gotta admit, the food was fantastic! A little on the small side, but it was filling and had a cute little dessert (French Dark Chocolate Bark with Cashews, Cranberries, and Apricots). The salmon came with green beans and the pork chops came with carrots, parsnips and mashed potatoes.

All their meals are between 600-800 calories and normally cost between $10-$14 per meal. The cost is inclusive of tax, delivery fee, and gratuity. It is available for lunch and dinner (lunch comes hot, I believe). Overall, I really liked Galley. It’s a healthier alternative to grabbing a takeout pizza at a similar cost (between $20-$28 for 2 people).

If you want to have a good meal ready for a date and don’t have time to cook, it’s a great option. As Galley recommends, it is nice to take the food out of the fancy organic TV dinner tray and put it on a nice plate (they give you great instructions for presentation). If you’d rather enjoy cooking together, I’d try one of the other food delivery services that are subscription based with uncooked ingredients for you to make on your own.

Of course, I’ve got a coupon code for you to get $10 off your first meal with the code: GET10.


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