Best Posts of 2013


I wasn’t going to make a “best of” post because, well, I primarily post about events that have long since happened & the ongoing ones are available on the sidebar.

Then, I remembered that once in a while I sprinkle in some advice. More importantly, though, I asked & got great feedback from Tumblr-ers since this blog started in July that made the posts below way better and worth a second look.


  1. Stop Going On Shitty First Dates
  2. How To Deal With Flaky People
  3. Bringing Someone Home for the Holidays
  4. So You’re Addicted To Commitmentphobes
  5. Why Is The Third Date So Important?


  1. Time to Start Dating in DC
  2. Never Try To Find A Relationship at Ottobar (or Power Plant Live!)
  3. OkCupid Dealbreakers


  1. Dating in Baltimore By The Numbers
  2. Meyers Briggs Personality Types & Dating
  3. When Will You Get Married?
  4. What Neighborhood Should You Meet For Drinks: An Equation
  5. OkCupid Dating in Baltimore By The Numbers


  1. A Word On Street Harassment
  2. What’s Really Going On When Men Call Women ‘Crazy’?
  3. What I Learned About Love From How I Met Your Mother

P.S. – Gonna get all cheesy for a sec & thank everyone for following this blog. The comments, tips, and feedback have helped me grow this blog and grow as a person (especially comments that don’t agree with my point of you). Hopefully everyone sticks with me in 2014 because Spring has the best events in Baltimore.


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