Loople Presents: Explore BMore

So, if you haven’t heard, Loople is an app where you find out the happy hours and food/drink deals in Baltimore. The app is just kicking off so to get things started, they’re hosting a couple of bar crawls in the city (first drink is on them!) The neighborhoods are Canton, Fells Point & Fed Hill. Yes, they’re completely skipped over the north of Eastern Avenue neighborhoods. Maybe next time…

But I digress, as with most bar crawls there will be specials, there will be giveaways, and most importantly, there will be day drinking but you’ve gotta RSVP for all the perks.

In honor of Loople, I’ll reprise my original bar crawl post:

Normally, when it comes to dating, I’m not partial to bar crawls but two important rules:

  1. Never open a tab (always carry cash)
  2. Don’t start off with shots if you want to make it to the end.

Bring A Date?
This is tricky. There’s a lot of distraction at a pub crawl. If it’s a first or second date, it’ll be easy to lose your date or them to ditch you especially if you disobey rule number 2.

My tactic is to invite someone to meet me at a bar if they live in the neighborhood, skip one of the bar stops, and meet up with everyone at the next stop with or without the date. If you’re using a locals dating app like OkCupid, you can meet up with someone for a quick drink and if they’re cool, you can bring them along or meet up with them later.

If you’re a few dates in, chances are you won’t make it to the end of the pub crawl because you’ll be over the crowds and if you do, one (or both) of you will most likely be too drunk and a fight will ensue. Proceed with caution.

Find A Date?
People not participating in pub crawls really love to chat with people that are. They’ll ask you the theme, what you’re celebrating, etc. If you invade a previously quiet bar with 50+ people they will not be quite as friendly but if it was moderately busy already, it’ll add a little spark to the night.

Or, just get with someone else on the pub crawl. Though, keep in mind, someone that looks awesome at 6 may not look quite as great at 1. Don’t want to eliminate your options for the night too early. But, you do want to have that option available at 2AM…

Bar crawls: When you’re just itching to get into a fight with your significant other.