cosmic cocktail party

City Paper’s Cosmic Cocktail Party

This is one of my favorite events of the year every year! I have picked up a date year after year from this party and I’m happy to spread the wisdom.

Bring A Date?
Parking is sparse. You can take the Circulator down but you’ll have to Uber/Lyft back up. If you drive, don’t leave anything valuable in the car (thieves love the party too…). The line is long—spare yourself the pain and get there EARLY. There are two perks of this: you don’t have to wait in the cold in your tiny dress (there is a coat check) and you will get your pick of all the food (which is all excellent). Okay, so once you’re finally in it’s time to door some coordinating! Grab drinks quickly (it’s open bar) while your date grabs some food.

Check out all three floors and figure out where you’d like to remain for the night. In about an hour you won’t be able to move. There’s an empty floor that is dimly light but has an awesome view of the bottom floor. This is perfect to have a chat and people watch. Bring your drinks up there and get to know each other better. Head over to the photobooth later to complete the night.

Find A Date?
This is my specialty. There are attractive, funny, smart people everywhere! Everyone wears their personality in their fashion choices. Not only that, if you’re looking to network those in attendance work for the most influential and creative companies in Baltimore.

That being said, how do you find a date? Well bottom floor is pretty much only food & drink & you can check out a few exhibits. It’s usually to packed to have a good chat. Your best bet is to take the elevator all night because you’re always waiting around and can strike up a conversation.

If you’re the social type, the dance floor is where you need to be. There are the people dancing, in which you can hop in, or you can stand next to all the people surrounding the dance floor looking sheepish. Look sheepish next to them or ask them to dance! Cool off on the outdoor deck and checkout a pretty sweet view.

City Paper readers are hot.

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Lithuanian Hall, 851 Hollins St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
[gmap address=”851 Hollins St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, USA”]
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Facebook Event
Price: $55
Ages: 21+
Phone: (410) 244-1900
From the site: Cosmic Cocktail is the event of the spring season! City Paper pours out the glam at our annual tasting & entertainment event celebrating our annual EAT Dining Guide. You’ll find over 30 restaurants at this event, showcasing their culinary talents both in food & drink. Oh, and did we mention OPEN BAR with top-shelf liquors?