Brews & Boardgames

First off, Martine, the host of Brews & Boardgames was recently gracious enough to host our last Speed Dating event! She’ll be hosting the next one too.

I attend these damn near every month and I’ve never written about it so might as well! Here’s how it work. Show up with a game or don’t. Bonus points if it’s an indie game. Bring some friends and grab a seat. Come alone and make some friends. There’s no food so check out Liam’s or Joe Squared.

Bring A Date?
I’ve done this. From experience, I wouldn’t recommend a first date if you don’t know what their personality type is. Brews can be pretty social (and chances are you’ll run into some people you know), so you may want to know if the person you’re bringing can hang. Other than that, playing boardgames can show your dates competitiveness and intelligence. It’s like a little test. Also, playing Werewolves will show you just how good of a liar he or she is.

Find A Date?
This is a pretty awesome setting because you can just plop down anywhere you want and start a conversation with an entire table of people you may find attractive. Everyone is very nice. I find that there are quite a lot of couples, in attendance so get crafty to figure it out if it’s not obvious. Just offer to buy someone cute a drink or ask them to play a two player game 😉

DO Break the Ice: