Bubble Soccer Maryland

So bubble soccer–that’s a thing. I graciously received an invitation to participate in a pickup game last weekend. It involved sweat… a lot of sweat. The game was 20 minutes, you can play twice if you want. In my humble, completely out of shape opinion, you’d have to be a Greek God to play two games in a row…
Find a Date?
So, I must say, I was the only girl playing on my team so if you’re after dudes, it’s definitely a buyer’s market. You will get hot, you will get sweaty, you will be sticky. If you’re okay with being a bit (okay, a lot) disheveled, then this is the place for you. Find someone you like and make sure you kick their ass, which really just entails smashing your ball against theirs a lot 😉 Go out for drinks afterwards, you’ll need a place to sit, ASAP.
Bring a Date?
This isn’t a first date, unless you’re one of those people that go on “running dates” or hot yoga because that’s a thing. I did go bubble soccering with my boyfriend. He mostly bumped into me so hard that I flipped upside down with my feet in the air helplessly like a turtle, so there’s that. Obviously, there’s not much time for chatting, mostly running and sweating. You’ll leave exhausted, but if you’re a couple of dates in and want to mix up your outings with something more creative, this is a great option.
One of the most fun workout you can do in 20 minutes (legally allowed in public).
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