Alright, kids… we’ve got our first FEATURED BALTIMORE SINGLE

  • Name: Kt
  • Age: 24
  • Likes: Dudes
  • Wants: Who knows, whatever.
  • Status: Uh…

Kt is a strong and independent woman who likes putting other people into awkward situations. One time she introduced her date to her mother then ran away to see what would happen. I would also highly recommend letting her make you something out of yarn, but don’t expect to see it completed for at least 3 years (yes, get ready to commit to this friendship).

Like what you see (or whatever…) email hey@charmed-and-dangerous.com & we’ll get your message to KT!

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  • Step 1: Embrace Being Single Being Single

    Before you can begin or continue dating, you have to work on yourself. Are you ready to be in a relationship or are you ready to “hang out” or whatever random in between euphemisms people use these days.

  • Step 2: “Put Yourself Out There” meeting people

    While, the judging yet, patronizing tone does suck and the idiom invokes images of getting hit by a bus, it could possibly, maybe not be a terrible idea.

  • Step 3: Meet Strangers on the Internet (Online Dating) online-dating

    Online dating is it’s own beast, so before we start here are a few things to remember: online dating is not a last resort…

  • Step 4: Set Up Your Online Dating Profile mac-glasses

    If you get stumped or if you finish and need feedback, show your friends and ask for their opinion. They’ll likely tell you that the first thing people notice about you isn’t your infectious laugh but rather your awkward way of walking.

  • Step 5: Pick the Right Photos 172H

    One thing that is pretty non-negotiable is having your main photo feature only you. If people are swiping, staring, liking, or whatever method of of judging you based on solely your photos, they can’t do it if they do not know which one you are.

  • Step 6: Send Some Messages 40H

    1. Actually read their profile.
    2. Locate something you have in common or you find interesting.
    3. Send a message!

  • Step 7: Go On Some Dates (Dates 1-4) 55H

    1. First Date – See things
    2. Second Date – Watch things
    3. Third Date – Do things