• alli-featured-single


    Tiger enthusiast. Self-proclaimed movie aficionado. Lover of good music and good food. Disneyphile. World traveler. Photographer.

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  • alex-featured-single


    I’ve lived in Baltimore about a year now, but work way too much outside the city limits to actually meet/make friends out here. Trying to spend more time behind my camera instead of behind my desk, and I very much appreciate people who like to get involved in front of my lens. Let me take your picture so we can be friends/lets be friends so I can take your picture.

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  • jordan-featured-single


    Artist (art student). Music lover. Likes to light things on fire. Movies are cool. Coffee and cigarette advocate. Enjoys dorky conversations as well as deep philosophical conversations. Skateboards. Star Wars—- Greedo shot first.

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  • featured-single-kt


    Kt is a strong and independent woman who likes putting other people into awkward situations. One time she introduced her date to her mother then ran away to see what would happen. I would also highly recommend letting her make you something out of yarn…

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